Two PepsiCo Showdown rounds down, two to go in the largest high school soccer tournament in the U.S. With another massive slate of battles set to take place on Thursday throughout the Chicago and Northern Illinois regions, players and schools in many cases are facing competition they normally would not face during the season. Which players and teams are standing above the rest? Haley Brock has the sought after stats!

The 16th Annual PepsiCo Showdown Boys is a high school sporting event unlike any other, featuring 64 high schools, 2,000 boys soccer players, more than 175 communities and nearly 130 games in a 14-day span. And to top it off, all of those schools and players are at Inwood Soccer Complex on back-to-back Saturdays – starting with Opening Day on Sept. 8 and finishing with a massive celebration on Sept. 23 for Championship Sunday. Bob Narang breaks down the NATIONAL GUARD BRACKET of the PepsiCo Showdown Boys.